Techno Education

Techno Education is a pilot project about digital awareness and how to deal with digital content that tends to violent extremism. Also, this project encourages the youth in Bekaa region to check the information and not to be drawn into untrusted digital content. Checking the information before publishing, reducing congestion, and enhance the digital awareness for youth users are the main objectives of this project. This project is divided into two phases, training of trainers (TOT) and training the youth. Five organizations contributed in the training (USPEaK – Baalback, Wafa Organization – West Bekaa, Josour Organization – Orsel, Aid and Construction Organization – Taraya, and The Cultural Center – Kfarzabad). During TOT, 15 trainers were trained from different regions in Bekaa where they established the draft content for training the youth and 5 trainers were chosen for implementing the training. In return, 5 trainings were established in:

Ali El Nahre at Association Nabad for Development that targeted 21 participants from Rayak,Ali El Nahre, Haret Al Fikani, Tamnin, and Messa , Baalback, Orsel, Shmostar, and Jeb Jenine.

Jeb Jenine at Association Nabad for Development that targeted 15 participants from Jeb Jenine.

Baalback at USPEaK that targetd 12 participants from Baalback and its vicinity.

Shmostar at Association Nabad for Development that targeted 11 participants from Shmostar, Taraya, Beitshama, Aqideye, Kfardabash, Al Hadath, and AL Nabe Rshede.

Orsel at Josour Organization that targeted 12 participants from Orsel.

Through this project, we could access 85 direct benefeciaries ( 14 trainers and 71 participants), also connectin 5 local NGOs together, and targeting 16 region from West Bekka, Northen Bekka, and Middle Bekaa.

The Participants are able now to differentiate between kinds of content, how to check from the information that are being published, and using suitable tools and materials concerning checking the pictures. In addition, they are more skilled in using strong account passwords and how to protect their accounts from hacking especially by phishing method.

Covid 19 Distributions (2)

Covid 19 Distributions (2) قامت جمعية نبض للتنمية بالتعاون مع البلديات في البقاع بتوزيع مساعدات غذائية لأكثر من ٣٧٠ عائلة من اللبنانيين و اللاجئين.Nabad for

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Covid 19 Distributions (1)

Covid 19 Distributions (1) UNFPA Lebanon and Nabad for development is distributing dignity kits to women and girls in several areas in the Bekaa. The

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Mousharikon Within the activities of #Mousharikon project, dialogue meetings were held between the members of municipality and group of youth that is consisted by Nabad; and between

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Positive Lens

Positive Lens #Positive_lens is a project that was implemented by #USPEaK and Association Nabad for Development and in partnership with organization in #Bekaa جمعية وفا wafa association, #Safe_Side, and Kfarzabd Cultural

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Run For Peace

Run For Peace For the first time, the Peace and Development committee in Riyyak and in coordination with the municipality, organized on a sunny Sunday

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