Accountability and Integrity


Nabad for Development commits to Accountability and integrity as a one of its core values. As a main pillar for accountability, the Community Complaints and Feedback Mechanism (CCFM) “ Takalam” was established in 2019 as an opportunity for communities, individuals, organizations, and local groups to channel their grievances and provide feedback on service delivery and programme impact. The CCFM constitutes a participatory mechanism that contributes to increasing communities’ role in monitoring and oversight of policies, programs, and services by allowing them to share feedback and suggestions (positive and negative), raise concerns, and submit complaints in a manner that is safe, non-threatening, and accessible.

Takalam help us to assess and strengthen our culture, policies and procedures related to gender, diversity and inclusion, as well as sexual misconduct in any form through three channels:

  • Mobile number: 961 79 111 538
  • Email:
  • Takalm BOX in all centers

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