Child protection means the procedures that aim to protect the children from abuse and violence through different ways of intervention to prevent them from abuse and respond to their needs in case of violence.

Child protection projects helping the vulnerable children who exposed to abuse or violence due to the Syrian crisis through providing different types of activities to rebuild their resilience and reduce the psychosocial distress through the psychosocial activities, Increase the level of awareness for the children through the awareness sessions, Supporting the caregivers through the positive parenting activities and respond to the needs for children to mitigate the risks through the case management services. In addition, the child protection projects are essential to mobilize community and governorates responses, enhance referrals, raise awareness on child rights, and ensure communities and governorates take part in creating a protective environment for children.
The child protection projects aim to build the capacity for the social workers and humanitarian staff on child protection concepts , child safeguarding policy and referral pathway in order to handle the vulnerable children.
Total target:
2,865 children benefited from our CP activities.

Our approach:
Nabad for development works on two levels of intervention in child protection projects in order to support the vulnerable children : The first level is an external intervention with the children, Caregivers and community and the second level is an internal intervention with Nabad staff, volunteers, service providers and visitors.
On the external level, the child protection projects targeting the vulnerable children in the community and their caregivers through the psychosocial activities, Awareness sessions about different topics, Case management services and positive parenting sessions and also Nabad works on the community based approach through creating child protection committees to mobilize the community and provide awareness sessions for the children and their caregivers and refer the vulnerable children for the case management services after receiving a several trainings targeting different topics .
On the internal level, Nabad association is committed to respect the child safeguarding policy in the workplace and all Staff, Volunteers, Service providers and visitors should be aware on this policy and agree to respect the policy and terminate the contractual relationship in case non compliance with this
policy and zero tolerance in this situation and all Nabad managers and human resources department are responsible to monitor and report any incident regarding the child safeguarding policy.
Our expertise:
Nabad has a diverse history and experiences in child protection in Lebanon targeted the Syrian and Lebanese beneficiaries and worked from 2014 till now on different child protection projects in order to respond for children needs in the community through conduct a community based activities for children, focused psychosocial activities for child labor, recreational activities with children, awareness sessions with the children and caregivers ,Parenting skills sessions with the caregivers, Create community committees, organize community events and provide case management services for the vulnerable children .In addition Nabad staff during the last years attended a lot of trainings about different child protection topics and how to deal with the challenges and how to respond for children needs in emergency situation