Gender Based violence is an umbrella term of any harmful act that is perpetrated against a person’s will and based on ascribed gender differences between males and females.

Total Target:
45,352 people benefited from our GBV activities.
Reducing and ending gender based violence is one of Nabad’s objectives. Since we believe that the development of individuals and societies is based on ending GBV and promoting gender equality. Over the last 5 years, Nabad worked with women and girls, men and boys to achieve an equitable society free of any form of gender based violence.
International concern over GBV in emergencies has grown significantly in recent years, and good practice standards, guidelines, training resources and other tools have been developed.
Gender-based violence has adverse psychological, economic and health consequences. Gender-based violence can happen anywhere: in the home, at school and in the workplace at any time
Ending gender based violence projects help and support the survivors through empowering them and increase the level of awareness on GBV topics and responding to the needs through the specialized case management services and other non-specialized GBV services. Following policies and international guidelines to help protect women and girls form any kind of abuse.
Women and girls represent half of the world’s population and therefore also half of its potential. But, today gender inequality persists everywhere and stagnates social progress.
Regardless of where you live in, gender equality is a fundamental human right. Advancing gender equality is critical to all areas of a healthy society, from reducing poverty to promoting the health, education, protection and the well-being of girls and boys. So Nabad for development in all its programmes and activities promote and enhance gender equality, through counselling women, girls, boys and men in the implementation and providing equal services for all beneficiaries regardless their age, sex, nationality, or gender.
Our approach:
Nabad for development works on different levels of Gender Based Violence interventions(through community based approach and human rights based approach in order to respond to the different needs of women, men , boys and girls through increasing the level of awareness on GBV in the community ,Provide CM services for GBV survivors, counseling them before and after project implementation, engaging males in GBV prevention activities, Provide psychosocial support sessions for women,men.boys and girls ,Provide GBV trainings for volunteers and community members about GBV response and guiding principles and creating different campaigns and events to stimulate the community on GBV .
At the internal level, Sectoral staffs need training so that they can be prepared to help monitor and respond to GBV during program implementation. These include basic concepts such as definitions, the reasons for the occurrence of GBV, how socio-cultural context influences GBV, as well as practical skills such as nonjudgmental listening skills to offer support to someone who discloses their experience to program staff. In addition Nabad for development works to the
program-specific recommendations provided, there are also organizational-level considerations that non GBV focused sectoral programs should review in order to be better equipped to handle GBV as it arises in their programs and within their organizations.
Our expertise:
Nabad has a diverse history and experiences in GBV in Lebanon targeted the Syrian and host communities and provided explicit support and response for survivors of gender-based violence During the last few years Nabad for development build the capacity of staff, volunteers, community members, and stakeholders on gender based violence concept in order to respond to the needs of GBV survivors, and work in prevention of all kinds of Gender based violence.
Nabad for development worked in responding to the needs of GBV survivors, through conducting Case management. Nabad also works on GBV prevention activities through engaging the community and building the capacity of every single men, boy, girl and women on GBV concept, safe referrals, awareness sessions, PSS activities… This approach is one of the successful tools used by Nabad to attain sustainability of activities.
Promoting gender equality is one of the main objectives for Nabad. Engaging males and boys in ending GBV is an essential activity. Targeting men, women, boys and girls equally in the activities. Counseling women and girls and people with disability. As well as offering the opportunity for males and females equally to benefit from services, raise their voice high against abuse, and work together for a better society free of violence.